Welcome to JS/UML

What is JS/UML?

UML Class Diagram

JS/UML is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that creates UML models and diagrams from JavaScript code.

What does JS/UML do?

  • Imports JavaScript that is written in the styles of JSDoc, Dojo, or YUI

  • Creates a UML model of the parsed JavaScript code which can be viewed using the Eclipse UML2 model editor

  • Creates UML diagrams that can be editing using the diagram editors from Eclipse's UML2 tools project

  • Generates documentation for the modeled API using either the provided templates or custom templates you design

What does JS/UML NOT do?

  • Round-trip the model - JS/UML does not modify your original source code

What is next at JS/UML?

  • Update JavaScript Filters - There is planned to add a new filter based on jGrouseDoc.

  • Update for Eclipse Juno - It seems that the project UML2Tools is no longer maintained. This was used to generate the diagrams.

    The team of JS/UML is currently investigating whether it is possible to realize anything with Papyrus.

Using JS/UML

You can download JS/UML in the Download area. Then please read the Install and Quick Start guides.


JS/UML is 100% open source and released under the EPL (Eclipse Public License)

On the Shoulders of Giants

JS/UML is built using the JavaScript parser from the Dojo project, the UML2 Eclipse Tools sub-project, the Velocity templating engine, and of course the Eclipse platform.